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FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

What are stone coated roofing tiles made of?

Stone Coated roofing tiles have a steel core. The core is then covered with natural stone chips in a process that ensures the stone chips permanently adhere to the core. This is what gives our stone coated roofing tiles superior durability and performance.

Do they fade?

No. Our stone coated roofing tiles are not painted. Rather, the color is that of natural stone chips and therefore it remains for the lifetime of the product. If you notice your roof looks a bit dull, just wait for the rainy season to clean off the dust or do it yourself using a garden hose.

Can I walk on stone coated roof?

Yes. The underlying steel core and the natural stone coat give the tiles the ability to withstand a lot of weight. Evidently, installers walk on the roof during the installation process without breaking it. However, caution must be exercised when walking on the roof.

Will my house become hot or cold with weather changes?

No. Stone coated roofing tiles offer good insulation. There is airflow in between the tiles and the underlying deck which allows for hot air in the roof to move out while colder air moves in ensuring your home doesn't get hot. For this reason, people who have installed stone coated roofing tiles report reduced energy consumption.

Is the roof noisy during heavy rainstorms?

No. our stone coated roofing tiles will stay quiet during heavy rains enhancing your comfort.

How long will the installation take?

The installation period depends on the complexity of your roof. However, our stone coated roofing tiles are light and easy to install.

Is the roofing dangerous during weather with lightning?

No. Metal is actually an electrical conductor and noncombustible therefore its not affected by lightning. Further, the steel metal core is coated with stone chips making the roof safe in all types of weather.

Is the roof fire resistant?

Absolutely. Our natural stone chips used to cover the metal core are completely fire resistant which keeps your property protected in case of an external fire.

Are your stone coated roofing tiles guaranteed?

Yes. We offer industry leading guarantees on all of our products.

Do you offer accessories?

Yes. Our accessories include; barge box covers, ridges, valleys, nails, touchup kit and side flashing. They also come with an industry leading warranty. These accessories ensure that the integrity of your roof is maintained all through and a leaking roof will never be your problem.

Is a stone coated roofing system more expensive?

On the contrary. Using our stone coated roofing tiles saves you money. The tiles are highly affordable to buy meaning you do not require a lot of money upfront. You also save on installation since it is easy and goes on quickly. Further, since the tiles are lightweight they do not require extra timber on the roofing frame.

Do you offer different profiles and colors?

Absolutely. Our stone coated roofing tiles are available in three different profiles in a wide range of colors. You can get bright colors or neutral tones depending on what you prefer.

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