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Roofing Accessories

We offer all required roofing accessories to give you a seamless roof and a complete roofing solution. Our accessories are manufactured following similar consistent, superior manufacturing processes used in manufacture of our stone coated roofing tiles. This ensures therefore your entire roof will last for long and serve you as intended.

Having quality roofing tiles alone is not enough which is why we provide accessories for a sound installation and superior protection of your home. Our accessories are made to complement the appearance of the profile and color you choose. They also come with industry leading warranties to give you the peace of mind that your entire roof is quality.

Our roofing accessories include:

Ridges – they are installed in the ridge line between two sloping roofs.

Valleys – they are usually installed to bridge the gap between two roofs that are facing different directions.

Barge Box covers – the barge box covers are installed to protect the barge board of the roof and the wall. They also give the entire installation a nice finish while protecting the underlying material in your roof.

Side flashing – side flashing is installed between the roof and the wall to protect the wall from water damage

Special Nails – the nails are serated, durable and made specifically to fasten the tiles to the roof frame. They are easy to use and the right size so you do not cause damage during installation.

Touch up kit – the touch up kit ensures your roof has a seamless and unified look at the end of the installation. It contains strong adhesive and stone chips. It is used to cover any tiny crevices left where the nails fasten the tiles to the frame. This ensures no leaking.

Our roofing accessories ensure that your roof lasts long, offers superior protection to your property and has a seamless and unified look for that elegant flow.