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Shingle Tiles

If you like the appearance of asphalt shingles but with better performance, high durability and awesome strength then you should consider the shingle tiles. Our shingle tiles are three times lighter than asphalt shingles and therefore do not require extra trusses on the frame. Talk about raising the value of your home while keeping costs at a minimum.

The shingle tiles are also known for adding vigor and lots of beauty to your roof especially when you choose the two tone color patterns. You can also choose from a wide range of single bold or neutral colors in the shingle profile. Our shingle tiles are quite easy to install with concealed fastening that ensures the roof is watertight. The shingles despite having some distinct ridges are made to properly interlock to keep weather elements out and resist wind lifting.

Our shingle tiles are of superior quality and have been proven to last much longer than most other shingle profiles in the market. Our shingle profile is highly reliable and doesn't erode quickly due to the quality manufacturing process and superior finish.

Shingle tiles are ideal for replacement in traditional buildings and homes because of their timeless traditional appearance once installed. You can therefore increase the value of your home and enhance its appearance without losing that unpretentious modest appeal. Truly with our shingle profile you cannot go wrong.

Contact us today for more information on the shingle profile and talk to an expert on which color patterns will complement your exterior façade well.